Video Telematics

The complete telematics solution

The future of Telematics is here with the VTS itrak range of revolutionary tracking and telematics solutions.

Experts in implementing fully integrated tailored fleet management systems, VTS itrak combine their many years’ worth of industry knowledge with the most innovative telematics technology to provide our customers with the tools to optimise their fleet operations on every level.

The VTS itrak solution encompasses a wide range of pioneering solutions aimed at maximising fleet efficiencies and managing risk using real-time location data and driver behaviour analysis to generate immediate and long-term return on investment.

VTS itrak 3D Software

VTS itrak Vision Cam delivers the worlds most advanced vehicle camera combining video, telematics and 3G.

The VTS video telematics system (ISO9001 accredited) is an on board GPS/3G HD camera which can be fitted to any vehicle and offer telemetry data over the GPRS network. As it is hard wired to the vehicle and cannot be removed, the information is always available upon vehicle ignition.

The unit transmits its speed, GPS position, and G-Force sensor data frequently to a designated server. In the event of a collision or a triggered event, the unit automatically transmits all its data for that event. The video footage is of the highest quality and is remotely downloaded to the designated server within minutes, allowing our clients to download and review the video footage at the click of a button.

Access to the stored data is only permitted to authorised persons and videos are only stored in the event of an accident.

Beside the unit itself VTS Vision Cam provides a “backbone” server platform where all the data is stored. A web-based interface allows you to view and manage the data. An API allocates easy access to the data from other software platforms such as fleet management or FNOL (First Notification of Loss).

VTS Vision Cam – 3G Vehicle Camera

All VTS partners will be provided with automatic access the itrak 3D Software . The software provides staged levels of authorised access, from supervisor to administrator, allowing control of data output.

The 3D Software displays telematics data including GPS (live tracking), speed and G-Force measurements. The Vision Cam is configured (as per your requirements) to High, Medium, and Low G-Force triggered events. In the event of a ‘High’ G-Force incident (i.e accident) an alert is sent by SMS/email notifying of the incident, and the video footage is sent directly to the VTS Server, allowing access to the footage within minutes. In the event of a ‘Medium/ Low’ G-Force event (harsh driving – excessive acceleration/ braking/cornering) an alert is sent by SMS/email notifying of this.

Key Features

  • HD Video – Automatically uploaded to server upon triggered event
  • Web-Enabled User Interface – Email or screen pop up notification that an event has occurred.
  • Transmission of Speed, GPS position and G-Force data frequently sent to a designated server, through 3G network.
  • Accurately records Speed with GPS Data Recording at 10Hz (10x second), as opposed to industry standard of 1Hz.
  • Auto Calibrated G-Force Sensors

Key Benefits

  • Significantly reduce Operational/Fleet insurance costs
  • First Notification of Loss – Immediate Claim Intervention
  • Increased accuracy/admissible G-Force & GPS data required to defend or help mitigate third party repair costs or injury claims
  • Track and log vehicle journey history – vehicle usage optimisation
  • Prove non fault status with minutes of any incident
  • Detect unsafe driving and driver training needs – enhance driver behaviour