Vehicle tracking

We combine state of the art software with top of the line vehicle tracker hardware to provide a seamless live tracking experience through our mobile friendly web based interface ensuring can always be in control of your fleet.

We offer a wide range of vehicle tracking including basic vehicle tracking, van tracking, in-vehicle tracking, plug in trackers, integrated systems and much more.

Head on over to our vehicle tracking page to find out more about the specific features that we can offer your business.

Video telematics

The future of telematics is here with our cutting edge itrak vision solution. It offers live vehicle tracking with all the functionality of our itrak live package along with a high quality HD in-vehicle camera that automatically records and sends you footage of any incidents that happen as they happen.

That means that if anything were to happen to one of your vehicles you can instantly be in the picture without waiting for incident reports. The entire process is automatic with the moments before incidents and the aftermath being caught on camera and uploaded to our dedicated video server for you to view, you can prove non fault status within minutes of an incident happening.

Have a look on our video telematics page to view some videos of our camera in action as well as being able to read up on some of the more advanced features that we can offer you.

Business Telecoms

Alongside our tracking services we can provide you with business communication solutions including mobile phone contracts, VOIP land line systems with bundled hardware and high speed fibre optic internet.

Check our business telecoms page out to find out more about what we have to offer.


Pricing is something that we’re aware is important to businesses so we always try and work closely with each of our clients on an individual basis to come up with the best pricing model for everybody involved.

This can include leasing the equipment over a certain period of time, spreading the cost of trackers throughout a contract and providing an option to pay an upfront fee to buy trackers that you need for your fleet to reduce your monthly spending costs.

Head on over to our pricing page to get an idea of some examples of our pricing structures.