Asset Tracking

VTS itrak Asset

Our itrak asset tracking solution is the result of over 20 years of experience and continuous development to ensure that our customers have the best and most adaptable asset tracking solution in Scotland.

We appreciate the importance of securing and sustaining your machinery in your day to day business operations. Whether you need a straightforward security tracking system or a service management tool with remote immobilisation functionality, we can tailor the solution to best fit your needs.

With Plant theft totalling an estimated £1 Million per week last year, VTS want to help you minimise your risk of becoming part of an unwelcome statistic.

VTS itrak Asset functionality

  • Live, accurate visibility of all of your assets
  • Pro-active alerts for unauthorised movement
  • Manage asset use-age through engine hours reporting
  • Automate maintenance and asset service intervals
  • Historic location and working-hours information
  • Remote immobilisation